Our apartshotel are ideally located to access as quickly in all directions, near the Danube riverfront promenade, close to the city center and harbor in one of the greenest areas of Galati.

Decorate with elegance and each having a different theme, our apartments will delight in every moment of your stay in our city.


The Paris Apartment is located near the Ancora Market and the Blue Acqua Restaurant.

Its 5th floor has a magnificent panoramic view of the Danube, the harbor and part of the city.

It is located right next to the access elevators but is also soundproofed against them and the stairwell.


Marilyn&Audey is located 50 m from the Brailei bvd, 100 m from the banks area and 300 m from the Court and the Danube promenade.

Since it is closer to certain areas of the city instead the Danube promenade we decided that its price be lower compared to other apartments.

It is located on the ground floor so that people with disabilities or those who do not want to use the elevator can choose for it.

New York is almost identical to the apartment 2,it is also situated on the 5th floor with a panoramic view to the Danube River.

The floor and wall tiles bathroom with black, instead took advantage of corner tub and bidet.

The room is intimate with wallpaper at the color of furniture then you get in another room where you have a generously sofa and a large equipped kitchen as.

Los Angeles is in the same block with appartment 3 and is located on the 2nd floor, also with a great view of the Danube.

The entrance hall is a wardrobe with sliding doors, where as in other apartments have generous storage space both for clothing and luggage.

All of the hallway where you enter the bathroom the tilesare in two chromatics warm colors beige and cream and a white tub.

descriere scurta apartament Las Vegas

Clasiq is designed in a classical style but realized in a modern one with a predominance of wood, especially oak starting from with the entrance door, the one from the corridor to the bathroom and the door from the hall to the chamber.

The massive wood does not end here, as the floor from the main chamber to the kitchen is from massive oak.

Doors sliding are oak too and a stained glass .

Acest ultim apartament este unul din cele mai frumoase.

Luxuriant si unic,avand un stil deosebit si aparte,toate elementele din acest apartament deluxe imbinandu-se perfect, acesta reprezinta varful de gama din cele pe care le avem pe site.